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City Solar is a recognized leader in sustainable energy solutions.

What we do

Our custom solar installations are designed
for maximum power and savings.

On-Grid Solutions


Seamlessly connect to the grid for efficient energy sharing and potential cost savings.

Off-Grid Solutions


Gain energy independence, even in remote areas, with our off-grid solutions.

Energy Audit Services


Understand and improve energy usage for cost-effective sustainability.

EV Chargers Installation


Hassle-free EV charging solutions for a greener future.


Project Completed

80 MWP

Installed Capacity

60,000,000 AED

Energy Savings


About Us

Powering a Sustainable

City Solar is a recognized leader in sustainable energy solutions. With 10 years of experience, we have successfully completed over 2000 projects, totaling an impressive 80MWp in installed capacity.

Our commitment to excellence has resulted in annual savings of AED 60 million for our clients. We are proud to hold the Platinum ranking by DEWA, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.

Solar Energy Savings

Powering Your Home and Your Wallet

Disciplined Workmanship and Commitment to Timelines

Flexible Payment Terms and Finance Offers

Best-in-class Equipment and Warranties

Up to 100%

Financing Available


of dirhams saved monthly

5 Star

Customer ratings

30+ Years

Extended Warranty

Work Flow

Site Visit & Consultation

1. Site Visit & Consultation

Using accurate and latest technologies, our experts will conduct a thorough site survey to assess your location’s solar potential. We’ll sit down with you and have a detailed consultation to understand your energy needs and goals.


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The Sustainable City

Dubai Airport Free Zone

Tadweer Waste Treatment L.L.C

Emirates Airlines


Silicon Park (Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority)

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Most frequently asked questions

1. Why Should I Consider Going Solar?

Solar is the fastest growing energy source in the world. By going solar, you can harness electricity from the sun (and we get a lot of it here). By adopting this renewable energy source, you can drastically reduce your electric bills, and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

2. How does solar work on my home?

With DEWA's concept of "Net Metering," you can use the electricity generated by your rooftop solar system and send any excess production to the utility grid. This system ensures that over-production isn't wasted; instead, it accumulates as credits. These credits can be used when your solar system isn't producing enough energy, such as at night.

3. Does my solar system require maintenance?

Yes, it's recommended to have an Operations & Maintenance agreement for your solar system. When you have an O&M agreement, your system will be continuously serviced, and your panels will be professionally cleaned every few weeks to avoid dust accumulation.

4. What scope of work is covered by City Solar?

City Solar offers turnkey solutions for solar projects, from initial design to final inspections. Our in-house engineering team can manage your project from A to Z, without the need for third-party services. This allows us to be extremely cost-competitive.

5. What equipment do you use?

The parts and components of your solar system come from reputable manufacturers from Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Only Tier 1 solar panels are used, allowing us to offer the best-in-class warranties, and ensuring that your syst

6. Am I guaranteed to save money?

The cost of solar energy per kWh is typically lower than the utility cost per kWh. When accounting for 30 years of production, and rate inflation from the utility, it’s a mathematical certainty that solar energy is the most cost effective choice. Despite this, City Solar cannot warrant savings due to unforeseen regulation changes, varying scopes, and other market factors.